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Written by Paul D. Race for Big Indoor TrainsTM

Business Signs 1(335K). These are some of the business signs I made up to go on my trashbashed Fisher Price storefronts Using an ALPS printer, I printed some of these "backwards" on clear stock, then superglued them to white plastic, so the "ink" side would be laminated on the inside of the sandwich, so to speak. Then I glued them on the front of businesses. I also printed a few similar signs directly onto white .010" sheets of plastic. Although I don't know if they'll hold up as well as the "sandwich" versions, they're a quicker process. Dave Watts, of Watts Trains, gave me a "shingle" of a pestle and mortar for the pharmacy. Thanks, Dave. If you try these, you'll have to resize them in a graphics program to get them to print right for your buildings.
Business Signs 2(Large File: 991K). These are some other business signs I've created or borrowed from antique signs. I placed several on one page so I wouldn't waste the plastic sheets I was using to print these. Worth taking a look at, even if it takes you some time to download.

The Fort Tecumseh General Store, Indian Crafts, and Shirley's Kandy signs were created to go over signs on the Artline Western Town bird feeder, which I refashioned after a local business that sells candy and native crafts.

Business Signs 3(Large File: 1.6M). More business signs I've created or borrowed from antique signs. The $38 dress store poster went on Kristen's Klothiers, a converted Fisher Price store front, in honor of my daughter's part in a local production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."
Tire Store Signs(Large File: 1M). I trashbashed a Fisher Price fire station into a garage and added these signs.
Station Signs(Large File: 1.6M). I bought two LGB "Toy Train" stations, which are actually Piko "Red River" stations with cheaper paint jobs. Since I repaint most of my buildings anyway, this wasn't a problem. I painted one with red primer, then used a "wash" of diluted white acrylic housepaint to flow between the lines to represent mortar. The other station, I painted white, then sponged brick red onto it to represent flaking paint over brick. Then I created new graphics with the names of two towns I wanted to represent. I also printed up "No Spitting" signs, ticket office signs, and others you can probably use even if you don't want to use the same station names.

Toy Train Signs(205 KB). Working on another project, I collected a few thumbnail versions of old toy train posters and box covers. Other people scanned these, so I apologize in advance for the low resolution on several of them. These aren't big enough to print out and hang in your train room. But if you want to use some as posters on your model buildings or in a toy store window, they should work. One low-resolution sign I tried to clean up a little to make it more useful was the 1920 sign, which is provided in two different versions, in case you prefer the original scan.

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